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The Comprehensive Course for the Tournament Player 


Module 1- Foundation Course ( 6 months)


Children taking up the game for the first time will be taken for this course. The course includes:

1. Introduction to the chess board

2. Arranging the board

3. Introduction to pieces and their movements

4.Value of pieces

5.Making a capture

6.Introduction to check, checkmate and stalemate

7.Playing a game independently

8. One move checkmates with various pieces

9. Pawn promotion ( Queening and Under promotion)

10. Introduction to chess Notation

11.Introduction to tactical themes such as pin, double attack, skewer, fork, discovered attack etc

A student will be solving around 200 basic positions at this level.

Theory /Practice Ratio - 50:50

Objective: A child successfully completing this module will be able to play a game of chess independently against an opponent according to FIDE laws of chess and will be eligible for promotion to the next level


Module 2 - Advanced Beginners ( 1 Year )


Children successfully completing the foundation course or with a previous knowledge of the basics of the game will be eligible to take this module. It will include:


  1. Introduction to FIDE tournament rules

  2. Checkmating with Queen, Rook, Two Bishops, Bishop and Knight

   3. Introduction to combinations ( Two movers)

   4. Basics of opening development

   5. Basics of ending (Theory of opposition)

   6. Tips for practical play

   7. Introduction to play with a chess Timer/clock

A student will be solving around 500 positions at this level.

Theory /Practice Ratio - 40:60


Objective: This course is aimed to prepare a beginner for participation in competitive chess events. Students completing this course are ready to actively participate in age category chess tournaments and move to the next level.


Module 3 - Intermediate Course (1 year)

This course prepares the students for the next level – FIDE Rating. The structure of the course is as under:

1. Endgames:

King and pawns endgame: Opposition/Triangulation/Related themes

Basic King and Pawn endings/Rook endings/Knight Endings/Same colour Bishop and Opposite colour bishop endings

2. Middle game techniques: Tactics/ Strategy/Manouvres/Weak Squares/Outposts

3. Basic opening ideas

4. Evaluation of positions

5. Combinations

6. Chess Classics

Students in this level have the opportunity to interact with Top International Masters and GrandMasters through regularly organised coaching camps.

Objective: This course is aimed to systematically develop the student to the level of attaining FIDE rating from 1000-1400. This is obviously the first step towards attaining greater success in chess. In this course a student will be introduced to various chess themes related to Endgames and Middle-games. They will be taught chess history in brief. They will know about the concepts of developing positions, how the course of the game should be and will be introduced to modern chess masterpieces.

In addition, a basic opening repertoire will be made according to the needs of the student.

We will approximately cover around 2000 chess positions during this course. About 60 minutes self-study a day will be required. The basics will be taught in the class and the exercise and supporting material will be provided.

Theory /Practice Ratio - 40:60


Module 4 - Advanced course (Ongoing)

1.History of the game
2.Study of classics
3.Methods of opening preparation
4.The art of combinations
5.Advanced tactics( Decoy, Deflection, Destroying the defender, Overloaded piece, Passed pawn, Xray, 6.Windmills, Zwischenzug, Smothered mate, Draw by repetetion and stalemete)
7.Elements of strategy
8.The technique of calculation
9.Tactical Methods (deflection, decoying, annihilation of defence, blockade, square clearance, interception, line clearance, mobility limitation, conquest of square)
10.Tournament preparation
11.Assessing a position
12.Prophylactic thinking
13.Practical tips on tournament play
14.Working with databases and engines

Qualification: Players having an experience of participating in at least 10 FIDE rating tournaments or a FIDE rating of 1400 and above.

Objective: This course is for the serious player looking to develop his playing strength to around 1600-1800 FIDE and above. It is customized for each individual player and expects work of 1-2 hours on a daily basis. 

Students will be working on about 3000 chess positions and will have an opening repertoire prepared taking into account individual strengths and weaknesses.